GRAS members are voluntary even initial in archaeology :

  • the active members take part in research in diving,
  • the associate members bring their assistance in air medium,
  • the members sympathizers and benefactors give their support for association.
    • The divers members of the  association are already trained with the subaqueous diving.
    • The GRAS is affiliated with Fédération française d'Etudes et de Sports Sous-Marins but the teaching of diving does not exempt.
    • The participation in the subaqueous activities is subordinated to the possession of a professional certificate for hyperbare activities or to an annual enabling of the ministère de la culture delivered on file.
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    Registered office of GRAS in BRUNOY. Ph GRAS. The GRAS is located in the town of BRUNOY and works mainly in Ile-de France.
    Registered office:

    Postal address:

    1 avenue Pierre Prost

    16 rue de Brunoy 


    The GRAS has  technical means adapted to researches : 
    conventional and special diving-suits, boats...
    Some are of its own design and realization:  apparatuses of digging, carrots, watertight boxes for camera (video and photo), and in particular an embarked computerized bathymetric system.
    Filling of the cylinders. Ph GRAS.


    Association works under the aegis of  governmental organizations :

    It is financially constant by the ministère de la culture and the local communities (general council of SEINE-ET-MARNE, ESSONNE, town of BRUNOY...).

    The GRAS is in relation to the private individuals or organizations whose authorizations are necessary (bordering owners, SERVICES DE LA NAVIGATION...).